My Vision

San Antonio is the premiere 21st Century American City.

Together, we should build a resilient, safe, and economically strong San Antonio, where every hard-working family can find an affordable and high quality place to live, where every child has an opportunity to be educated and establish a career, and where we celebrate our international roots and intercultural future. This is what my son wants from me when I get home each evening. This is what you can expect from me as your District 8 Councilman.

What We've Done

Explore a timeline of our accomplishments during my time as D8 Councilman.

My Priorities

Examine what I've been working on as your City Councilman for District 8.

  • Water

    Secure San Antonio’s water future to fuel quality of life and economic vitality.

    Deliver and implement a comprehensive city water plan that ensures regional and environmental responsibility, long term water quality, quantity, and affordability. Water is vital to our mission of building a premiere American city that allows future generations of people and businesses to prosper.

  • Transportation

    Improve transportation infrastructure to get San Antonio moving.

    Plan for and build the transportation system of tomorrow: public transit that extends throughout the city and improved road infrastructure to reduce congestion. Make good on our commitment to upgrade our International Airport so that it becomes a major air hub for the Americas.

  • Job Creation

    Develop the workforce so that every resident can contribute to and benefit from our city's success.

    Bring and grow new, high-paying jobs to the area in all sectors, including technology, manufacturing, aerospace, higher education, and biosciences. Cultivate small business entrepreneurship throughout the city and support efforts to build a 21st Century workforce.

  • Digital

    Upgrade digital communication infrastructure throughout the city.

    Develop a comprehensive digital communication implementation strategy that encourages private sector infrastructure growth, competitive rates and services for businesses and residents, increases adoption rates in low income areas, and protects San Antonio’s local land use authority.

    Public Safety

    Ensure we have the highest quality police and fire departments while we make the budget sustainable.

    To keep the people and property of San Antonio safe, we must ensure that department resources match the rate of growth in the city.

    Smart Growth

    Develop the City Comprehensive Plan to manage growth so that it benefits all San Antonians.

    Establish smart growth policies that ensure favorable conditions for business growth while upholding community integrity and value. Act as a proactive liaison between developers and communities.


    Increase citizen participation in all aspects of city governance.

    Government accountability: Greater citizen engagement is our only hope of controlling our fate, and civic leaders have an absolute responsibility to act fairly and transparently. Records and deliberations by Council should be open and more readily accessible.


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