My Vision

I'm running for mayor because I want you to have the city you deserve - a place you’d choose even if you could live anywhere else on earth. It should be an exciting place where all sides of town can say. "I love it here.” The way I see it, the city you deserve delivers good-paying jobs, rewarding careers, safe streets, beautiful parks, museums, clean water, fewer traffic jams … It should be a place where our children flourish.

You deserve a city that listens to you, that treats you with respect, that spends your tax dollars responsibly and openly. You deserve a city whose leaders are ethical and accountable and a mayor who has a vision for a bright and successful future. These are all things I've fought for as District 8 Councilman. These are things you shouldn’t have to wait any longer for. Please join me. Together, we’ll build the city you deserve.

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What I've Done

Explore a timeline of my work as your City Councilman.

My Priorities

This is how we'll restore San Antonio's momentum.

  • Transportation

    Get San Antonio Moving

    Advance a big picture transportation reform agenda that addresses needed road maintenance while implementing a modern, multimodal transportation system NOW.

  • Economy

    Empower the Workforce of Tomorrow

    Focus on creating pathways to careers, not simply jobs. Champion innovation and growth of small businesses in emerging industries.

  • Quality Of Life

    Put families and neighborhoods first

    Fight for smart development policies to enhance our neighborhoods, and embrace our heritage through art, history and cultural initiatives. Achieve long term water security responsibly.

  • Public Safety

    Keep you and your property safe

    Ensure our police have the tools, resources and support they need to reverse the huge increase in violent crime and make our neighborhoods safe.

  • Ethics and Accountability

    Hold City Hall to the Highest Standard of Integrity

    A strong city is an engaged city, and that starts with unimpeachable integrity and public trust, backed by ethics rules with real teeth. We will ensure that all citizens’ voices are being heard and that City Hall works for you, not itself.

  • In The News

    Trinity to Hold Mayoral Debate on Campus

    Trinity to Hold Mayoral Debate on Campus

    SAdebateTrinity Monday March 6th, 6pm


    Mayor Taylor: Proposed River Barge Contract is ‘Tainted’

    Mayor Taylor: Proposed River Barge Contract is ‘Tainted’



    Mayor Taylor: Proposed River Barge Contract is ‘Tainted’

    AAMPO votes for $33 Million in Funding for Wurzbach Parkway

    AAMPO votes for $33 Million in Funding for Wurzbach Parkway


    WurzbachPkwy33MillionRon is pleased with the recent passage by the Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization and said ““Northwest San Antonio is one of the fastest-growing areas in our state and we have been working diligently to address traffic issues there. This money will help relieve congestion — a regional priority since the Wurzbach corridor is a main route into the South Texas Medical Center.”

    55,000 already work in the med center area. Within 25 years, it is estimated to have 50,000 more. On Jan 19th, the City Council recommended $2 million in additional Wurzbach Road spending through the 2017 Bond program.

    Mayoral Candidates Sharpen Positions at Town Hall

    Mayoral Candidates Sharpen Positions at Town Hall

    “Candidates answered questions about issues ranging from transportation to police-community relations to support of Pre-K 4 SA to how the candidates will work with – or in spite of – the Trump administration.”

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