Building The City
You Deserve


Working hard every day

As our Mayor, Ron Nirenberg is working hard every day to make San Antonio the City You Deserve – the place you’d choose even if you could live anywhere else on earth.

The City You Deserve has a thriving economy that creates good new jobs and provides opportunities for all those willing to work hard. It’s a city with an economic climate that attracts new businesses and companies and that fosters economic development and prosperity.

The City You Deserve is focused on innovative transportation solutions that reduce traffic and improve our quality of life.

The City You Deserve focuses on equity, so no matter what side of town you live on you have affordable housing, beautiful parks, safe streets and adequate infrastructure.

And the City You Deserve holds its leaders to the highest ethical standards.

For the past 2 years, Mayor Nirenberg has been building the City You Deserve, and with our support he’ll continue working hard for us and for San Antonio’s future.

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My Priorities

This is how we are building the City You Deserve.


Advancing a big picture transportation reform agenda that addresses needed road maintenance while implementing a modern, multimodal transportation system NOW.


Focusing on creating pathways to careers, not simply jobs. Championing innovation and growth of small businesses in emerging industries.

Quality of Life

Fighting for smart development policies to enhance our neighborhoods, and embrace our heritage through art, history and cultural initiatives. Achieving long term water security responsibly.

Public Safety

Ensuring our police have the tools, resources and support they need to keep crime out of every neighborhood in the city.

Ethics and Accountability

A strong city is an engaged city, and that starts with unimpeachable integrity and public trust, backed by ethics rules with real teeth. We will ensure that all citizens’ voices are being heard and that City Hall works for you, not itself.

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