City of San Antonio FY2015 Budget

This week City staff presented the council with the FY 2014 2nd Quarter financial report and performance measures. On May 27, the City Council will convene a special session to establish our priorities for the FY 2015 budget, which will include funding basic city services and maintaining San Antonio’s superior financial position as the only city in the United States with a AAA bond rating from the rating agencies. 

Despite our sound financial and debt management, we will likely face a multi-million dollar shortfall. As a community, we must be pragmatic and forward-thinking in establishing our budget priorities. I am committed to closing the structural deficit, but not at the expense of basic City services. 

Since the budget process sets the policy direction for an entire year, this is one area where public participation can have the greatest impact. Please take our survey below or attend a community budget session at University United Methodist Church, 5804 DeZavala.  

Click here for the City of San Antonio FY 2015 Budget Calendar.

What are your priorities for the City budget?


In order of importance from highest 1st: less taxes, no street cars, no toll roads, support law enforcement and first responders


Encouraging more business to locate to the city and lower the property taxes.