San Antonio stands apart,
because we never stop building for the


To the people of San Antonio,

No matter the obstacle, no matter the challenge, San Antonio neighbors never stopped looking out for each other.

In the midst of a pandemic, we placed our bets on our neighbors and passed SA Ready to Work, giving anyone with the grit and determination to finish a degree or develop the skills for a higher paying job the chance to do it.

We added new neighborhood police substations and passed a collective bargaining agreement that increases trust and accountability between law enforcement and our community.

And we fought to help families keep more money in their pockets, lowering the property tax rate, instituting a homestead exemption, refunds on CPS bills, and bringing down water bills for over 80% of San Antonio families.

This campaign is about finishing what we started and ensuring every San Antonio family has the chance to thrive. So I invite you to join the campaign, chip in $5, or volunteer, and together we’ll keep moving San Antonio forward for all of us.


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Mailing address
Ron Nirenberg Campaign,
PO Box 12072,
San Antonio, TX 78212