Regional Carrizo Project enhances SAWS water portfolio

The Edwards Aquifer will always be the backbone of our water supply and the lifeblood of our economy. However, diversifying the SAWS water supply portfolio is still a necessary step to manage risk and ensure long term water security for the San Antonio region. SAWS is continuing to negotiate a water supply contract with the Vista Ridge Consortium and recently broke ground on a new desalination plant.

The Regional Carrizo Aquifer project is a prime example of utilizing regional partnerships to achieve
mutually beneficial solutions. SAWS recently purchased the rights to pump Carrizo Aquifer groundwater in Gonzales County, but the cost of building a pipeline to pump this water to San Antonio would be prohibitive. The Schertz-Seguin Local Government Corporation currently owns a pipeline that runs through Gonzales and Guadalupe Counties. SAWS is renting capacity on this pipeline to minimize the cost associated with water transport.

This project will deliver 13 million gallons per day, which can serve 60,000 households. SAWS will be required to invest in the infrastructure necessary to connect the existing pipeline to both the Carrizo Aquifer wells and the SAWS distribution system.

What do you think about the ongoing water supply diversification efforts? What else should citizens of San Antonio and the region do to make sure water is available and affordable for generations to come? Where does water security rank in your priorities for our city? Join the discussion!