San Antonio Area Broadband Network

Broadband is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for success in the modern economy. City Council has voted in recent weeks to approve the initial stages of implementing a potential Google Fiber and expanded AT&T Uverse broadband offering. These measures will potentially improve service and quality while reducing costs to consumers in the long run.

In San Antonio, we have the ability to harness existing CPS infrastructure to improve broadband quality and access for public entities. Our schools will have the opportunity to save money while accessing high quality broadband, University Health System will be able to provide better patient care, Port San Antonio will acquire yet another strategic advantage in attracting aerospace tenants, and The University of Texas Health Science Center will take another step toward becoming an incubator for innovation in the emerging bioscience sphere.

Every player in San Antonio’s economy, from the private to public sector, consumer and producer alike will be a beneficiary of a more robust broadband network. Do you think establishing a high-speed broadband network is important to the future of San Antonio? Leave a comment below!

Ron Nirenberg
Ron Nirenberg

Hi Ralph, the San Antonio Area Broadband Network would connect public institutions to municipally owned and operated broadband infrastructure. Municipal networks have begun to take shape across the country, with many different iterations, depending on the statutory regulations in each market.